NOV 29 – DEC 21, 9:00PM EST

POWER-UP: a Fastgirls tele-seminar series featuring work from forthcoming books and burgeoning social ventures

Mon., 11/29
Ashley Mui
How to “G” Your Life

Tues, 11/30
C. Sala Hewitt
Growing the Roots of Resilience: Coaching for Sustainable Living

Wed., 12/1
Ida Drew
Happy Holiday Hosting

Tues., 12/7
Desiree Mwalimu
Embodying Shakti: An Introduction to the Archetypes of The Goddess

Tues., 12/7
Akua Soadwa
Bag Lady: Overcoming the Past to Live for the Present

Sun., 12/12
Aisha Midgette
Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That: How to use Twitter to Build Your Brand

Mon., 12/13
Monica C. Dennis
The Power-Up Playlist: 7 Strategic Relationships For Every Woman

Tues., 12/14
Sallomé Hralima
It Ain’t So Bad to Join a Team of Losers

Wed., 12/15
Dionne Monsanto
Let’s Talk About Sex: An evolving conversation about JOY and PAIN

Wed., 12/15
Candice S. Watkins
Black Woman, What Makes You So Strong?: Uncovering the Myth of the Strong Black Woman

Sun., 12/19
Esi Evans
Astrology as a Tool for Self-Exploration and Awareness

Mon., 12/20
Jasmine Stewart
Ketchup is a Condiment: Reinvent Your Personal Brand Today

Tues., 12/21
Michelle Wonsley
Clearing a Path Through the ‘Shoulds’: Embarking on the Journey to an Authentic Life