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It is indeed a magical season for Black Girls to strut their beautiful “stuff”.

Ava DuVernay, directed “My Mic Sounds Nice” – a DOPE one-hour BET special focusing on women in hip hop.

Gabby Sidibe graced the cover of Elle Magazine.

Joey Mazzarino‘s song for his little girl became the Sesame Street hit “I Love My Hair.”

Willow Smith came out with the Beyonce-esque banger “Whip My Hair.”

Tyler Perry revised Ntozake Shange’s most popular work for the silver screen.

Beverly Bond’s fifth year of the Black Girl’s Rock! Awards was showcased on BET with one of the best renditions of “4 Women” – EVER!

And a FastgirlRisha Rox (also known as Marisha Roxanne Scott) – has been featured twice in one week in online magazines that Black Girls frequent: Uptown Magazine and Society HAE.

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We envision her “beating” Eryka Badu, Björk, Kelis, Angelina Jolie, and Lucy Lui’s faces in the near future. And eventually, Tim Burton will holler at her. In the meantime, we get to watch her slowly, intentionally take over the world of face art.

“Risha Rox is revamping the most enduring of artistic subjects, the human visage. With edgy concept & color, she brings new meaning to ‘fresh faced’!”

646 299 1852

It is important that the Fastgirls understand the resource we have in this community. This week, as we know, Syreeta was honored by Glamour Magazine and got to dress up in fancy threads to represent the dreams of all of us Dreamers. Our youngest Fastgirl was named one of the Top 20 Under 25!

She reached out to Sallomé (one of her many mentors), for advice on how to use this honor to propel her in her lane. In October she told Syreeta: “Yes, you’ve gotta use this award. Definitely let your school know about it. Tell everyone! They’ll take you more seriously because Glamour does.” So when her school, CUNY, asked where they could get details about the award and she hadn’t received PR materials from Glamour, she asked Sallomé for some help.

The e-mail she crafted and sent to Syreeta read:


Syreeta Gates (Class of ’12) was honored this Monday at Carnegie Hall as part of the Glamour Magazine 2010 Women of the Year Gala. Chelsea Clinton took the stage to introduce Gates as one of the Top 20 Women Under 25 for her work as Founder of The SWT Life – an organization committed to supporting young innovators through entrepreneurial coaching, personal development, and exposure to industry leaders. Gates was in good company, being honored alongside the likes of Donatella Versace and Julia Roberts. When asked what was the best part of the evening, she exclaimed,”Oprah Winfrey winked at me!”

Gates will continue making a mark, as she gears up for the publishing of her upcoming book Just BE Cause and continues the planning for a city-wide summit for teens in 2011 to aid them in exploring passions, distinguishing strengths, and articulating purpose.

See what CUNY posted HERE.

Again, congratulations to Syreeta! And Sallomé, keep doing what you do lady – growing human capital.

October 17th.  Six Fastgirls are taking on the challenge of submitting a book proposal by the end of Be the Expert (Dec 24, 2010).  With one another’s support they will research the best publishing houses for their work and have a proposal they are proud of to submit.

The six include:
Michelle Wonsley
Autumn Marie
Jasmine Stewart
Aisha Midgette
Syreeta Gates
Sallomé Hralima

Be sure to check in on them and offer resources if you have any.

Thank you postcards made by Fastgirl - Ashley Mui

In collaboration with her community, Ashley Mui has birthed a gratitude movement – Gratuity Included. With the help of USPS, she hand writes, designs, and delivers Thank You messages to master the art of giving thanks. Her community has crowned her the Gratitude Guru, as she studies in-depth the magic of Gratitude and continually influencing people to make thanksgiving a part of their daily lives.

Purchase Thank You cards from the Gratitude Guru HERE.


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