FASTGIRLS – Be the Expert
(as of Dec 21, 2010)

Aisha Midgette
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @nailahism / Blog:

Through the power of Public Relations, Aisha Nailah has created a niche within the Communications arena to assist people in making a positive impact on the world. As the founder of Nailahism – a multi-service consulting company dedicated to career and life wellness – she represents those who are making a difference through their businesses, messages, and art forms. Her accomplishments as a published writer, spiritual counselor, and communications specialist have established her as an “avant gardist” amongst those within her industry.

Akua Soadwa
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @EmpowerMeGNEP and @AkuaSoadwa / Blog:

Akua Soadwa is the visionary behind NYC’s annual Sista-2-Sista and Brotha-2-Brotha Youth Summit, summits geared towards high school girls and boys of Pan-African descent. She also serves as the Assistant Director of the Lil’ Raggamuffin Summer Camp, a 6-day camp for youth in Jamaica. Committed to unraveling the stories that hinder people from maximizing their full potential, Akua serves as the Founder of the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project where she provides programming and other activities to inspire individuals to create their own inspirational stories.

Ashley Mui
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @ashleythebalm / Blog:

Ashley Mui is the co-founder of PlanIt Brooklyn, a creative consulting company in New York City that specializes in social engineering – committed to growing start-ups, emerging leaders, and small institutions. Recently crowned the Gratitude Guru by her Brooklyn community, she is also the creator of Gratuity Included, a gourmet paper goods company dedicated to putting the ease into daily gratitude. As a power giver, she continues to create moments that stimulate mind, body, and spirit to move towards their highest potential.

C. Sala Hewitt
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @StChinchilla / Blog:

C. Sala Hewitt investigates and promotes sustainable alternatives that empower communities through business and culture. She confesses to having lived corporate by day, indy by night–as a brand strategist at top ad agencies like Grey NY and Saatchi, while in her off hours (and some on hours, too) pursuing a more just world through eco-educational programming, indy arts and social dialogue. Now, by unifying her passion with her expertise, Hewitt works to inspire dialogue for social and environmental responsibility through media and community engagement.

Candice Watkins
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @vivamariposa / Blog:

Candice S. Watkins, an expert in Women’s Wholistic Wellness, specializes in coaching women to spiritual and emotional wholeness. She conducts Wellness Workshops, Sister Circles, Sister Sweats, Fitness Activities and an upcoming training on Dismantling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman. Candice is committed to equipping women with the truth of who they are and empowering them to act on that knowledge.

Desiree Mwalimu
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @shaktionthemove / Blog:

Desiree Mwalimu is an artist and healer who grounds her passion for contemporary visual art and women’s mysteries with education and research in the arts of the African Diaspora. Through art, ritual, movement, and meditation, she conducts sacred sexuality workshops that embrace sexual identity as a tool for spiritual growth and personal empowerment. Desiree’s current autobiographical body of work, deals with the relationship that women of the African Diaspora have to sex, and the authentication of a sexual identity.

Dionne Monsanto
New York, NY
Twitter: @JoyousOcean / Blog:

Dionne Monsanto is the President and Founder of Full Moon Gatherings, a unique international coaching group for women, since 1999 she has successfully offered women tools to live their lives fully and manifest their dreams. One of the top women in supplier diversity (per Minority Business News USA magazine), Dionne has used her corporate and coaching experience to assist profit and non-profit organizations to efficiently negotiate corporate infrastructure, target core markets and remain true to their mission. Dionne is a certified professional coach who resides in Manhattan with her three teenagers; she takes great pride in making herself a priority so she can serve others INjoy.

Esi Evans
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @thesoulnurturer / Blog:

Esi Evans is a certified holistic health practitioner and master astrologist with over 15 years of expertise. She envisions a world where all human begins harness the power to intuit and maintain wellness and aliveness in all areas of their lives. Her unique blend of reconnecting to the Soul – the spiritual tune-up – incorporates her passions for transformative medicine and the natural healing arts.

Ida Drew
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @idaoccasions / Blog:

Ida Drew of I.D. Events and Services is the wedding and social occasions best friend. She is a planner with years of experience that wants to share her gifts and talents for giving someone an event that gives them the most bang for their buck. She is located in Brooklyn, NY and loves to travel to spread her expertise across the Tri-State area.

Jasmine Stewart
Queens, NY
Twitter: @jasminesinbloom / Blog:

Jasmine Stewart is the co-founder of Louisiana Times, which has created and developed brands such as Theeventcorner,, and RedRoverMG. Stewart is currently, the contributing writer for The Falcon Express, the official publication of Excelsior Supreme Council A.A.S.R.M. & Ilori Supreme Chapter, OES and has co-authored the Sojourner Academy of Advancement Initiation Manual and Lecture Guide. Jasmine Stewart is committed to creating life-enriching programs to connect late bloomers with the tools and resources to Jump Start and Restart their lives.

Michelle Wonsley
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @michellewonsley / Blog:

Michelle Wonsley is an author, photographer, musician, poet, and teacher. With over 10 years experience in organizational change and leadership development, she is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Talk.Know.Change, an organization that provides a forum for transformation through reflection and experiential learning. Embedded in her approach is the belief that sustained personal effectiveness is the result of relentless authenticity.

Monica C. Dennis
Brooklyn, NY
Blog: / Twitter: @Sojourner4Truth

Monica C. Dennis is the Co-Founder and Co-President, of The Spirit of A Woman Leadership Development Institute, and is an expert in cultivating sisterhood, leadership and healthy racial identity in girls and women of color. She serves as a training consultant, facilitator and keynote speaker for numerous educational, social service, faith-based, non-profit and community organizations who seek her expertise in creating culturally-relevant and sustainable Rites of Passage programs for girls and women of all ages. She is the creator and facilitator of the Sojourn 4 Truth: The Journey To
™ coaching process which offers lectures, podcasts, community conversations, workshops and retreats that address the psychological, spiritual and cultural impact that internalized racism and sexism has on women and their families.

Sallomé Hralima
Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @sallome / Blog:

Sallomé Hralima is the author of It Is, It Ain’t, It Be, and It Works and co-founder of PlanIt Brooklyn, the sole creative consulting company in New York City that focuses on fashioning ground-breaking ways to grow start-ups, emerging leaders, and small institutions. In 2007, Hralima co-created Fastgirls – a national program that coaches women in rapid personal and professional expansion. As a prolific cultivator of human capital, this pioneer is leading a movement to include life coaches in America’s public schools.