Fastgirls is a national program that coaches women in rapid personal and professional expansion.

Starting in 2007 with 8 friends in the New York City area, Fastgirls has grown nationwide to include nearly 50 women. For the passed three years Fastgirls have participated in 40 and 90 day conference calls that challenged them in the areas of health/fitness, finances, relationships, spiritual development, and creativity. The name – Fastgirls – derived from the very first 40-day challenge which required each woman to fast from poor dietary habits.  The mission with these calls is to remove all barriers that would prevent participants from experiencing vitality & success, offer unwavering support for one another’s dreams, and to enable their larger community to have access to their growing resources.

Future Forward was the preceding challenge (Aug-Sep 2010) with participants making a significant shift toward living sustainably. The program challenged women to eliminate the concept of waste and acknowledge their interconnectedness with the planet. As part of the Challenge’s design, participants conserved water through toilet flushing and shorter showers, replaced all lighting with CFLs, got familiar with local community gardens, recycled old electronics, and more! They were assisted in their 40-Day journey by experts in the field – Diallo Shabazz of Solar One, Renee Shade from The Story of Stuff, author of Green Deen Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Alixa Garcia of Cimbing PoeTree, and Former Director of Earth Day NY Betta Broad.

Past Fastgirls Challenges
Fasting – 40 day (Apr – May 2007)
Fitness – 40 day (Jun – Jul 2007)
Money – 40 day (Jul – Aug 2007)
Spirituality – 40 day (Aug – Sep 2007)
Male Friends – 40 day (Oct – Dec 2007)
Creativity – 40 day (Jan-Feb 2008)
Money Drunk, Money Sober – 45 day (Mar – Apr 2008)
Mastery of the Four Agreements – 90 day (Aug – Nov 2009)
Mastery of the 8 Cylinders of Success – 90 day (Feb – May 2010)
Future Forward – 40 day (Aug-Sep 2010)
Be The Expert
– 90 day (Sep-Dec 2010)
Save Lives – 40 day (Feb-Mar 2011)

Soon Come

  • I Am – a 90 day challenge that creates Fastgirl philosophy (May-Aug 2011)
  • Blood Line – a 40 day challenge to research our genealogy (Oct-Dec 2011)
  • For the People – a 90 day challenge to create our own Learning Annex (Feb-May 2012)

Twitter: @thefastgirls

*Pictured in the Be the Expert header: (l to r) Thelma Golden, Marta Vega, Michaela angela Davis, Louise L. Hay, Tricia Rose, Marianne Williamson, Octavia Butler.