From our conversation on November 7th, Fastgirls came up with the following insights in how to lead a great workshop or seminar.  Feel free to add via comments.

• Being engaged or in action on site
• Something tangible to take away (White Pages, resource page, product)
• Skill(set) learned
• Requesting that connections are made
• Encouraging someone stepping out of their comfort zone for behavioral workshops/seminars
• Make material relevant and ability to shift gears if not
• Tone that is set to make participants feel free and comfortable
• Facilitator is prepared and delivery is dynamic
• Storytelling or anecdotes that are relevant to the subject matter and develops trust
• Games that engage participants
• Facilitator qualifies themselves early in workshop/seminar
• Facilitator displays their humanity beyond the information being shared; authenticity (humor, truth-telling)
• Gracefully redirect misguided/off-topic conversation
• Visual displays to help participants retain information
• Awareness of your verbal tics; being transparent if managing a topic or question you don’t have an answer for
• Have a number of cultural anecdotes, etc to address multiple audiences
• Look your best; don’t allow your appearance to distract from your leading
• Offering references, facts, statistics