Greetings Fastgirls,

Congratulations on successfully advancing to the Fastgirls Challenge: Be The Expert Part I. Keep the celebration to minimum ladies.  The challenge has just begun with 81 days to go.

In Order, to receive access to Be The Expert Part II, you must complete:

2 Letters of Gratitude

Mailed or hand delivered on handwritten letter of gratitude to an expert who has inspired you.

4 Acts of Excellent Customer Service

As the customer, demonstrate four acts of excellent customer.

Periodical read

Read one periodical cover to cover.


Have a proof of your professional headshot(s) (jpg or gif).

Business Cards

Have a proof your business card (with expertise and contact information ready for print).

Stand Alone Blog/Website

Created a stand-alone blog/website dedicated to your area of expertise.

10 Blogs (video, written)

Posted 10 written and/or video blogs on your stand alone blog or site.

Strong E-mail Signature

Create a strong email signature that includes pertinent contact information and philosophy/quote.

3 Sentence Bio

Have this bio available for periodical submission.  This bio should be written in third person and identify who you are and what you can provide your client.



Lands customers/clients because they value the brands or institutions you have been affiliated with.


Gets you hired to share your expertise. This articulate the things that no one else can say (ie founder of Brand, CEO of Brand).


Only 25 seats have been set aside for Fastgirls. For one-time only, the cost of the 30 Day Career Change Challenge will be a symbolic $1 to show that you are committed even though the curriculum is worth hundreds of dollars. Visit to reserve your seat.