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8 Things Millionaire Experts Should Do (And So Should You)

I personally believe that ANYONE can start from scratch and build a highly lucrative “expert empire” through books, speeches, seminars, coaching, and online programs. YOU can teach your topic and your message to the world. If I could go from bankruptcy to $4.6 million in 24 months then who knows what others can do. (I WISH I had the training you’ll receive in this video series when I began!) It’s time for you to get your message out and help other people improve their lives or their businesses. So start immediately by doing the 8 things below.

1. Choose mastery; master a topic
2. Study their subject and interview other experts, intensely looking for new patterns and best practices
3. Create arguments on what to pay attention to, what things mean, how they work, and how things might turn out
4. Simplify complex ideas by building frameworks
5. Write, speak, record, package your knowledge
6. Campaign (not promote) their expertise (touch people multiple times; need to see something 7x)
7.  Charge expert fees (MORE than you would think)
8. Focus on distinction, excellence, and service

Watch the video in its entirety HERE.