The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, change your story.

At its essence, people don’t buy your product, service, or solution, they buy the story that’s attached to it. Perception is king. If you can learn to tell a story that others identify as their own, the need to convince, persuade, or sell anything disappears. That’s the art of getting others to believe in your story. Stop trying so hard, and just tell a story worth telling.

Storytelling is about relationships.

Our world is evolving in quantum leaps. We need new ways of making sense and meaning.

Narrative just happens to be how we’re hard-wired. Social media now means that everybody is a storyteller. There’s a new level of discernment along with suspicion for the stories we’re being told. Because we have the power to produce and create our own stories. This fundamental shift is a driving force remaking the rules of branding, marketing, fundraising, sales, and persuasion.

Now just imagine a world where every leader of every organization actually spoke the language of narrative! We’d have organizations that could fulfill their true promise of creating value and meaning in our lives. Of course, that’s what most organizations truly want.

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As the son of an inventor and an artist, Michael always asked the unpopular questions that got him picked-on in school. Being left-handed and color-blind didn’t help with his coordination or fashion sense either.

Michael learned to channel his inner-geek, and as a social entrepreneur, co-founded two Digital Divide nonprofits – before the age of 23. For the past decade, Michael has worked as a business storyteller and pop anthropologist, for many years as the founder and president of his prior consultancy Thirsty-Fish.

In 2009, Michael launched Get Storied — an education, advisory, and publishing company; with a goal to teach the world how to think in narrative. Michael takes the traditional notions of storytelling and re-invents them in the context of branding, innovation, and culture change. His work and ideas have been featured in Fast Company, BrandWeek, PSFK, and Storytelling Magazine, among other places.

His popular book, Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, quickly turned him into a leading voice in the world of storytelling. Michael also teaches Brand Storytelling as an executive education instructor for the Schulich School of Business. Michael was born in Ohio, grew up in Switzerland & Los Angeles, and now considers New York City home. He eats more chocolate than the average human.