Important guidelines to follow when composing your newsletter.

1. Have a great subject line – make certain it speaks to and captures the audience to whom you are speaking

2. Tell your audience who they are for you

3. Demonstrate a clear purpose when communicating your message

4. Always have another pair of eyes to check review/edit your work before sending a final draft and distributing your work

5. Be sure to include a request in the body of your message

6. Always include contact info (e.g. email address, phone, mail address)

*Have fun, be creative, include your bio, superhero, images, tell them what you believe will be complete by Dec 24, etc.

The website resources:   Google docs- google doc templates for newsletters

Thank you Autumn Marie!

…Helpful Newsletter Email Marketing Resources and Pricing

PLUS: Most recognized name, Great Phone Support Services
MINUS: No ongoing free option and most expensive packages.
FREE TRIAL: 60 Days Free Trial. Afterwards smallest package is $15/month for 500 or less emails and $30/month for 1,000 emails


PLUS: Most User Friendly Easiest to send out
FREE OPTION: Ongoing free package for 100 or less subscribers. Next package up is $8/month for 500 subscribers and $10/month for 1,000 subscribers.


PLUS: Cheapest Service Prices, Great for Managing Multiple Segmented Lists, Can link into Twtter and Facebook
FREE- Ongoing Free package allows you to send up to 6,000 emails to 1,000 or less subscribers. No trial its the regular price package. Other packages are slightly more expensive depending on how many subscribers and offer unlimited emails.

A  Few Choice Notes from The Rock (aka Raquel Wilson):

Five Rules for your ABOUT page:

When someone comes to your site fo the first time, they’re likely to hit ‘about’ or ‘bio’.  Why? Because they want a human, a story and reassurance.

Listed below are some MUST HAVES:

1.  Don’t use meaningless jargon:

Example … is a recognized provider of result-based online and mobile advertising solutions. Dedicated to complete value chain optimization and maximization of ROI for its clients, … is committed to the ongoing mastery of the latest online platforms – and to providing continuously enhanced aggregation and optimization options.

2.  Don’t use a stock photo of someone who isn’t you (if there is a stock photo of you, congratulations). The more photos of you and your team, the better.

3. Make it easy to contact you. Don’t give a contact address or number that doesn’t work.

4.  Be human. Write like you talk and put your name on it. Tell a story, a true one, one that resonates.

(Kelli’s comment: be mindful that writing like you talk has its limits in a professional/public space…use discretion)

5.  Use third party comments and testimonials to establish credibility. Use a lot of them. Make sure they’re both interesting and true.