This excerpt is taken from an interview by Christa Avampato with Jerri Chou (Co-Founder of All Day Buffet) in The Examiner (Jan 2010). READ the full article.

Christa: What advice would you give to others considering starting their own business, particularly in this economy?

Jerri: Go for it! Be smart about what you’re doing, don’t replicate efforts someone else is taking, make sure it’s a good idea, that it’s financially sound, and that this is really what you love and will fulfill your personal and professional goals. Getting advisers and peers to give you honest feedback is crucial — the key word here is ‘honest’.

Ultimately, pushing the button boils down to your gut. If you’re passionate about it and feel it’s the right moment in time and that you’re the right person to start your business, you should do it. Very few really great opportunities to affect change and make the world a better place grace us and they rarely (if ever) happen more than once. It’s not something you should let pass by.

Take an honest look, but most likely, the worst that could happen is generally that you fail and have to get another job. Even then, at least you tried and you will learn more about work, the world, and yourself than you ever would have otherwise.

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